MyFlare 1.0

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Finally, the most advanced emergency response system for smartphones has arrived! Utilizing 911, text, e-mail, GPS, audio and video, MyFlare™ is your personalized digital flare gun that alerts the help you need when you need it most. Activated by simply pushing a button, MyFlare™ performs ALL of the following actions, simultaneously, to better reach first responders, as well as your family and friends, in the event you're in an emergency:

- Calls 911 or your designated non-911 emergency contact

- Automatically text messages and e-mails up to 10 of your pre-selected contacts your customized distress message, along with your GPS location

- Delivers your text and e-mail messages every three minutes to your pre-selected contacts with your updated GPS location

- Sends 20-second video recordings capturing your present environment (optional), which are attached to the delivered e-mails every few minutes (as determined by you)

- Blasts a police siren (optional)

What makes MyFlare™ unique is that it not only utilizes phone service, SMS text messaging, e-mail, GPS, audio and video to create and continuously deliver an emergency distress message, but its entire functionality executes automatically upon pushing just one button within the app. Most importantly, the text and e-mail messages are delivered every three minutes to your pre-selected contacts with your updated GPS location and periodic video recordings. This may prove to be helpful as evidence in legal proceedings or in the event that you are no longer in the location where your emergency originated.

According to a recent USA Today study encompassing the 50 biggest U.S. cities, more than 1, 000 savable lives are lost each year because of inefficiencies in emergency medical response times. The National Crime Victimization Survey reported in 2006 that 232, 960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted, which equated to more than 600 women every day. Furthermore, the Stalking Resource Center has found that 1, 006, 970 women are stalked annually in the U.S., and one in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetimes. In addition, the Kids Fighting Chance organization reveals that one child is reported missing or abducted every 40 minutes, which translates to approximately 2, 000 reports per day and 800, 000 reports per year.

These examples of statistics prove there is a major need for an additional -- and personal -- layer of protection in the event of an emergency. With MyFlare™, that time has finally come.

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